In Guinea-Bissau, we are working with local farmers and breeders to develop the poultry sector thanks to the “Let’s sprout wings to development” project, co-financed by the European Union as part of the broader Ianda Guiné program.

From the beginning of the project, among the various activities, we are also carrying out professional training dedicated to poultry men and women. After Mrs. Janoveva’s testimony, we bring you today Delfina‘s story.

My name is Delfina Indequi and I am a beneficiary of the Ianda Guiné program, co-financed by the European Union.

I was already a beneficiary of the COAJOQ program (Cooperativa Agrícola de Jovens Quadros), in Canchungo, and thanks to this path I had first received 10 laying hens and then I was informed about the poultry course in Bissau and asked to participate.

When I started the course – Delfina continues – I did not know how to take care of the hens, for example I did not know that they needed clean water and special drinking troughs. All of this was taught to me and now I am putting it into practice in my farm.

This path I am following is helping me and my family a lot because now that I have hens I can sell eggs and with the proceeds buy food for my children and support various daily expenses.

I hope that Mani Tese and IMVF (Instituto Marques de Valle Flor) will continue supporting us and I invite the women of my village to raise hens like I did. Some women say it is useless to raise hens because they die, but thanks to the vaccination campaigns supported by the project, this happens more rarely.

Find out why it is important to develop the poultry supply chain in Guinea-Bissau and what are the objectives of the project: https://www.manitese.it/en/project/lets-sprout-wings-to-development

Here are some photos of the project:

© Cosimo Tendi
© Cosimo Tendi
One of the vaccination campaigns of the chickens (© Cosimo Tendi)
Hens in the henhouse with drinking throughs (© Cosimo Tendi)
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