At the end of February and during the second week of March, the multifunctional youth center in the east of Guinea Bissau was animated by over 40 people, including many young people and women. It was wonderful to see different ethnic groups (Fula, Mandinka and Balanta) talking about associations through very interesting group dynamics.

Each association benefiting from the project had the opportunity to discuss their decision-making models by comparing themselves with other realities, growing together in a moment of profitable exchange to improve and improve.

The presence and participation of women is very suggestive, particularly in the management committees, real decision-making bodies organized within the association for the management of associative assets. In fact, in March we worked with the management committees of the cereal processing centers.

In a short time our beneficiaries, accompanied by tireless animators, will try to manage in the most orderly way possible, to manage the rice dehulling machine and the mill correctly, not only mechanically, but also at an administrative and entrepreneurial level. The idea is to create small opportunities for young people belonging to these associations to earn a minimum wage and have a decent life by working for their land and for their people.

The challenge is accepted. The work has just begun. We will update you with the first economic data shortly. We believe in it!

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