The global epidemic of Covid-19 is also closely affecting Kenya. For now, less seriously than in other countries from the health point of view (5,206 cases and 130 deaths as of June 25 according to WHO data), but already strongly from an economic point of view.

In this context we are continuing to support local communities and, a few weeks ago, we started distributing masks. These are produced on site by the Karunga Women Group which has been supported by Mani Tese in various projects over the past years and which is located in the Molo area (western Kenya).

It is a win-win intervention that helps women, often single mothers, to have an income in this difficult situation and at the same time makes washable and quality masks available to the communities.

The first distribution took place in Baringo where, through field research, it emerged that the majority of our beneficiaries lacked protective measures. A first batch of 100 masks was distributed in the communities of Salabani, Kataran, Eldume and Sokote.

A second batch, on the other hand, was distributed in the Marigat market area in order to support the women who sell fruit and vegetables which are also crucial for the collection of organic residues for our work on insects.

Among the groups benefiting from the distribution of masks, there is also Joy Hope at the Catholic mission of Marigat, which is made up of HIV-positive people, one of the highest risk categories.

Our commitment in Kenya continues with these small gestures to continue working alongside the communities and strengthen their resilience even against the danger represented by Covid.

Here are some photos from the Marigat market, the community of Kataran and the Joy Hope group of the Catholic mission of Marigat.

Marigat market
Community of Kataran
Joy Hope group of the Catholic mission of Marigat


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