Our partner SAVE, with whom we collaborate in India, sent us an update on the situation in Tiruppur, where we are present with the project “Fighting and preventing modern slavery in Tamil Nadu”.

The Covid-19 situation is very serious. As of mid-May, approximately 7,092 people were being treated at the district hospital. Problems are emerging everywhere: hospitals lack beds and oxygen availability. The death rate is also rising every day: the main government hospital alone has about 100 deaths per day.

Despite factory closures, an average of 650 workers are infected every day. Some are still active. Most of those with children, in particular, are unable to leave their jobs while around 40% of interstate migrant workers have returned home.

Another scourge to be addressed is that of child labor, which has increased due to the curfew. In fact, SAVE estimates that around 20,000 children are involved in some type of work at home or in small or medium-sized enterprises that produce clothing or in other places such as workshops, hotels, poultry farms, sales of vegetables, etc.

SAVE is taking care of about 30 families who live in some small temporary huts and who have asked for help to be able to feed themselves.

These are people from Indiranagar who came from the neighboring state of Uttrapradesh to clean the streets thanks to a municipal contract. The payment of their salary is unfortunately overdue. Usually, these people save some money by selling waste materials, which they collect from the municipal garbage. But now the curfew prohibits this activity preventing them from earning any money.

The children of these families are now receiving education at SAVE facilities.


At this moment, through our partner SAVE, we are taking steps to:

  • Ensure a supply of Kabsura kudineer * to 2,250 vulnerable people

*The “Kabsura kudineer” is a traditional composition used by Siddha practitioners to effectively manage common respiratory ailments such as flu and cold. Siddha practitioners use this herbal compound to relieve respiratory symptoms including severe phlegm, dry and wet cough, and fever.

  • Purchase a pulse oximeter and a thermometer to assist families affected by Covid with oxygen and temperature control
  • Provide food kits of rye and millet to infected workers
  • Provide food kits of rice and wheat to families with dependent children affected by poverty and unemployment.


  • bank transfer made out to Associazione MANI TESE NGO Onlus at Banca Popolare Etica (IBAN: IT 57 F 05018 01600 000010203040)
  • Postal Current Account: n° 291278 in the name of Associazione Mani Tese NGO ONLUS, P.le Gambara 7/9, 20146 Milan

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Below you will find the photos of girls and boys who in recent months are forced to work in textile companies. They deal with trimming, cutting, quality control and much more and earn only 20 to 200 rupees per day. With your donation you can help them too!

Alisha works in a textile company and earns 50 rupees a day
Masum Raja makes decorations for clothes and earns 30 rupees a day
Shanmathi does the trimming at the Shiva Tex textile company and earns 21 rupees a day
Leelambikai unravels the waste fabric of clothing and earns 65 rupees a day


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