by Habibou Kabré, Mani Tese project coordinator

As unfortunately happens in many African countries such as Guinea-Bissau, gender-based violence is also a worrying phenomenon in Burkina Faso.

To contribute to the fight against this plague Mani Tese, through the project “Social and rights promotion of women and children for the improvement of health and civil status services” and in collaboration with local authorities (provincial directorate for women, councils provincial youth and municipal authorities), brought together civil society organizations for human rights in the central, central-southern and plateau central regions, for a synergy of action.

The goal is to strengthen the capacities of members of women’s and youth organizations, to allow them to organize themselves better and intervene effectively in the promotion and protection of human rights in general and those of women and girls in particular.

To this end, eight networks have been set up for the protection and promotion of human rights, made up of over 90 civil society organizations located in seven provinces of the three project regions.

As part of this initiative, a training session on fundraising and strategies for mobilizing financial resources was organized in order to strengthen the efficiency and effectiveness of these networks in the fight against gender-based violence.

In order for the networks to work at their best, we then worked on involving the institutions, namely the mayors of the municipalities involved, the provincial directors in charge of women, the provincial youth councils as well as the municipal and provincial coordination of women in the aforementioned localities.

According to the provincial director of women of Oubritenga, Mani Tese’s initiative is welcome because it responds to a need felt in the field of promotion, defense and protection of the human rights of vulnerable groups and women in particular.

Here are some photos of the meetings with civil society organizations.

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