The work begins with the greeting of the authorities. Here is the Mani Tese team in Guinea Bissau ready to work on the new project “Actions to combat migration dynamics on the Senegal-Guinea Bissau corridor, Regions of Kolda and Gabu“.

We introduce you from left to right: Saico, our local coordinator; Aua, our young animator; Piero Meda, coordinator of the “Poultry chain” project; the local administrator of Gabu; me; Abdul, our horticultural trainer; Geraldo, animator and great communicator; and finally Riccardo Mulas, country representative of Mani Tese.
A fraternal welcome in all associations. Here we are in an urban garden in Gabu, where women and young people are putting an old garden back into production. Hope sometimes comes from a seed … And we are ready to sow a lot!
Can there be a vegetable garden without a seedbed? Obviously not! And here we are already seeing the results of the first seedbeds made in the first weeks of January. Small seedlings for large gardens grow in Guinea Bissau. Where is it? In Gabu, Pitchi and Pirada.
The first days of January we also dedicated ourselves to preparing the land. Each garden, about one hectare in size, is divided into “canteros”, small flower beds that will allow 25 young men and women to devote themselves to the production of vegetables.
Abdul our horticultural technician is working to finish the few canteros that are now missing in the gardens. A patient and delicate job. For surveyors. Metro, pegs and hoes: the flower beds are almost ready and the seedlings are almost ready for transplanting. We are almost there to inaugurate the new horticultural season…

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