In Guinea-Bissau, a strongly patriarchal country, violence and exploitation to women is a largely common problem. Despite the government should fight against gender-based violence by law and support reception center financially, until 2019 a center to welcome adult victims did not even exist

Thanks to our project “Free from violence”co-financed by the European Union, in 2019 we started to support AMIC’s center, an important partner of Mani Tese, who since 2012 has welcomed children victims of forced marriage, expanding hospitality and assistance to female adults, too.

Besides hospitality and psychological support, in these years the center’s guests were able to use services (medical and gynechological examinationslegal accompaniment and job reintegration) and training activities (cooking and tailoring courses) thanks to the supports made by financiers, local organizations and national institutions that collaborated in the project.

But all these forms of assistance could soon be over. As a matter of fact, the project “Free from violence” is going to end in April 2021. If we will not find resources to support the maintenance of the center (food, clothes, school supplies, training courses) and its human resources (people working at the center), many women victims of violence will be alone and defenceless again

At the moment, together with our partner AMIC we are searching for new financing opportunities, but everyone’s help is fundamental now more than ever

Donate for the reception center for women victims of violence in Guinea-Bissau and help us keep it alivehttps://www.manitese.it/en/project/donate-now

Here are some photos of the reception center and a photo of Mani Tese’s staff group together with AMIC association’s personnel. 

The play area for children victims of violence or forced marriage
The dormitory
A moment of discussion between a social assistant and a guest
An image of the tailoring course offered to the center’s guests
Mani Tese’s staff and AMIC’s personnel during a visit by IMC (Instituto Mulher e Criança)
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