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The Manigolde social tailoring shop has sent crochet hooks and cotton yarn to Guinea-Bissau. Video tutorials to learn the technique will soon be available.


On 7 September, within the framework of the project “Mending the future” (Sewing the future), financed by the Modena Foundation and the European Union, the first meeting took place between the social tailor shop Manigolde and the tailor shop Renascer Alfaiataria from Antula (Bissau). For the seamstresses of these two realities, it was an opportunity to get to know each other and begin a process of exchange of experiences. Below is the testimony of the Manigolde.

“During the meeting, we had the pleasure of meeting Master Ivaldino and the girls from the Renascer Alfaiataria tailor’s shop. We exchanged views and had an initial exchange of ideas with a view to creative collaboration. After the initial presentations, in which we showed each other the tailors’ creations, we fell in love with the colours, fabrics and shapes that we would like to reproduce, while they were fascinated by our crochet creations, a technique they did not know.

Sensing the enthusiasm and curiosity of the seamstresses of Renascer Alfaiataria, we took the opportunity of the departure for Guinea-Bissau of Erica and Giulia, two cooperators of Mani Tese, to send them crochet hooks and cotton yarn with which to practise these techniques. Obviously, we have also endeavoured to provide them with learning tools and a special thanks goes to our volunteers Carla Malavasi and Paola Bregoli who will be preparing video tutorials to help them learn the basic stitches and make various accessories.

We hope that this collaboration will become more and more intense and we look forward to making garments together with them!”

Anna (Mani Tese co-operator) and Erica (Mani Tese co-operation desk) with the women involved in the project at the Renascer Alfaiataria tailor’s shop
The women of Renascer Alfaiataria at work with crochet
guinea bissau mani tese 2021 antula 3a
Some of the beautiful fabrics from Renascer Alfaiataria
Group photo with Erica (Mani Tese co-operation desk) and Cosimo (Mani Tese co-operator)
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