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It will improve production, consolidate the economic situation of poultry businesses and benefit the whole community.


In Guinea-Bissau, one of the poorest countries in the world, we have been present for almost three years with the project “Let’s sprout wings on development” co-financed by the European Union in the framework of the broader Ianda Guiné programme.

The aim is to develop the poultry sector by promoting socio-economic opportunities for local communities, and with this in mind, a call for funding for local farmers has been launched.

The call provided a loan of 20,000 euros for each participating enterprise, and another 20,000 euros must be invested by the enterprise itself. The social enterprises Cedaves and Piu Piu Awara, beneficiaries of our projects, participated in the call and together with our local staff, as required by the regulations, went to the bank to obtain the loan.

The capital will be used to purchase more efficient machinery, to rehabilitate poultry farms and to purchase the raw materials needed to improve production both quantitatively and qualitatively.

Thanks to this intervention, the companies will be able to consolidate their economic situation and become more competitive with their competitors in neighbouring Senegal. The hope, of course, is to benefit the whole community and Guinea-Bissau as a whole, which will be less dependent on foreign countries for its eggs and poultry.

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