We cannot always talk about the positive experiences or successes of the projects. The images you see in fact are of a vegetable garden in a suburb of the city of Gabù, where some time ago we carried out the training course in horticulture. Do you remember that huge colorful garden full of vegetables? Well, much of the garden is now dry because the artisan wells present are all dry and our well is still under construction. Luckily we insisted at the end of February to sow local varieties which, albeit with problems, gave some satisfaction (and the women thank us). On the other hand, however, all those who had bet on some unimproved varieties did not have much luck. The water table has dropped a lot this year following a poorly rainy year. Drought and high temperatures have created enormous difficulties for women. Few have resisted. We will wait for the construction of the well, currently 15 meters deep, which should be ready at the end of March so that we can work for the new garden. We will not be discouraged and together with the young people and women we will return to paint the earth green and tomatoes red. We are ready!

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