Nary*, a Cambodian twelve years old child, has a past of violence and abuses behind her. One day a man found her walking all alone across Poipet’s streets and decided to take her to the Damnok Toek reception center, which gives a home to children that were victims of abuses. 

Before being rescued, Nary lived with her mother and her grandfather, in a village in Poipet’s surroundings. Her mother had lost her memories after a car accident in which she hit her head and did not manage to remember even her husband’s name, who disappeared after Nary’s birth.

Furthermore, the grandfather got remarried and, since he lived whit his new wife, granted his daughter and granddaughter just a small room on the back of the house, where there was no electricity.

As her mother did, Nary suffered of poor memory and was unable to recognize faces and could not interact with people. When she arrived to Damnok Toek, she did not smile, nor talked to anyone, nor could read or write. 

At the Damnok Toek reception centre, Nary’s case was then analyzed by local authorities and it was discovered that the child, in the past, had been raped by her adoptive uncle. She even had tried to tell the fact to her family, but had not been believed and considered mentally unstable or a liar. 

But now things have improved: at the reception center Nary participates to activities, talks to the personnel, helps to water the garden and to collect vegetables. Thanks to the lessons, she learnt to read and write and is proceeding her preparation to attend school through the educational project.

At the center Nary is surrounded by new friends and has become a happy girl, who enjoys her childhood. Thanks to the support of Damnok Toek’s staff, Nary is making progress in the overcoming of her trauma and slowly is coming out of her shell. 

*Nary is a fantasy name used to protect the minor’s privacy.

A lesson at Damnok Toek reception center.
Manual activities.
Meditation session.
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