It is called “Other World Prices” and is the new online campaign launched by Mani Tese to raise awareness on the social and environmental impacts related to fast fashion, a useful reflection especially in this period of Christmas shopping.

Through fake social promotions with offers of clothing at bargain prices, potential consumers are directed to a fictitious e-commerce platform where, at the time of purchase, they will be able to reflect on the consequences caused by this type of “disposable” fashion.

The campaign is aimed primarily at young people between 18 and 35 who regularly make online purchases of clothes, driven by the very low cost and advertising strategies of the big brands that stimulate a constant impulse to buy.

The goal of the campaign – explains Riccardo Rossella, head of the Change FASHION! project for Mani Teseis to induce a reflection on what lies behind the increasingly frenetic rhythms of consumption that characterize the fast fashion model, relying precisely on the typical dynamics of online clothing purchases“.

The campaign, which reached over 715,000 people in its first month, was launched on November 16 and will last until the end of 2020. The choice of dates is not accidental: the period of Black Friday, first, and then Christmas, are occasions when the stimulus for unbridled shopping reaches its peak.

The “Other World Prices” campaign

Through targeted promotions on Facebook and Instagram, “Other World Prices” intercepts young consumers by offering them unmissable offers linked to 5 items (a t-shirt and a sweatshirt for the male audience; a t-shirt, a long sleeve shirt and a cardigan for women), sold for a few euros.

Interested users are then directed to the website www.prezzidellaltromondo.it, designed to fully simulate an e-commerce platform, in order to complete the purchase of the desired clothes, which can be viewed in detail thanks to the photos of two fake models.

Once the selected garment has been added to the cart, the surprise effect comes into play: the images of the models come to life and the two actors address the consumer directly, inviting him to ask himself questions about the dynamics underlying the production of the garments that allow to maintain selling prices so low.

“I also bought, bought, bought… it’s so cheap!” says the fake model “Then I discovered the damage caused by the frequent purchases of fast fashion garments…”.

At the same time, alongside the original price, a series of additional costs appear which do not claim to be scientifically accurate, but which are intended to give an idea of the impacts linked to the repercussions on the environment and respect for human rights that are often hidden behind fast fashion clothes.

Fast fashion

Fast fashion is a clothing sector based on the great speed of production and consumption through the continuous offer of new clothes at bargain prices, but generally of poor quality.

The global impacts of the clothing industry concern multiple aspects such as greenhouse gas emissions, waste production, water consumption and pollution, exploitation of male and female workers and violation of their rights.

On the website www.prezzidellaltromondo.it the user, invited by the fake model, can learn more about each of these issues thanks to 5 videos that report key data and information.

On the same page it is also possible to download a useful Decalogue of slow fashion, containing ten tips for everyone to change the way people approach their clothing.

Not only that: through the site you can register to become part of the #CambiaMODA! community of activists to personally commit to a fairer, more ethical and sustainable clothing industry.

The Other World Prices campaign is curated by the Nikura communication agency and is part of the project Change FASHION! – From fast fashion to a transparent and sustainable textile industry, promoted by Mani Tese and realized thanks to the contribution of the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation.

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