We talked a lot about gardens and little about chicken coops. Construction of the chicken coops began in February. The project made available the material necessary for the construction of the structure while the labor is the counterpart of the beneficiary association.

Today we are talking about the poultry activities of the project and to do this we present Lassana, son of Pirada, and Saliu and Peter of Mon Na Lama. Pirada is a border area and rural area, interested in intense migratory phenomena to the nearest Senegal and then to Europe. Lassana is one of those young people who worked hard to get what he has. He was lucky enough to study and work. Now, however, with his association, AJASP, he is engaged in the construction of a chicken coop and with his head he is already thinking about the trade in eggs and broilers. Everyone here in Pirada is happy with the project. Because in Pirada, a 2 hour drive from Gabù (1 hour and a half by motorbike) on an unlikely dirt track that is dusty and perforated by the rainy seasons, few NGOs work and the desire for redemption, to try and mix the cards is great.

The young people of AJASP invite us to their homes to drink huarga (the Moroccan tea widely consumed in these parts too). Their desire is evident. On April 10th their chicken coop was finished. Lassana calls me, punctually, the following day: “Mani Tese, no misti pintos. Aviary caba ja “. “Mani Tese, we want the chicks. We finished.”

Every promise is a debt. On May 4th the chicks will travel on that hot and rough road to get to Pirada.

Mon Na Lama (literally in Italian “hands in the earth”) is the association of Peter and Saliu. Two very young. But really young. They wanted to be professors, like their association president. Now they want to be agronomists (Mon Na Lama is also the beneficiary of a vegetable garden in Gabù) and poultry farmers. They did it all. With the help of some of the most experienced and oldest of the association. They are the animators of themselves. They were the enthusiasts who thrilled us. “Hands in the earth”, getting your hands dirty. On May 4, the chicks will fill Cape Verde, the neighborhood that offered the land to the association.

Good luck!

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