Last night the Riccardo Massa Comprehensive Institute in Milan opened its doors to parents, students and citizens of the neighborhood for the inauguration of the two murals created by children and young people as part of the project “Come L’Okapi”, which promotes educational programs to foster dialogue and overcome standardization.

These murals will continue to testify to co-integration as a daily practice, where different elements manage to find enrichment and harmony.

From the paintings of these small authors and female authors we can draw a daily lesson, which reminds us that differences are part of all social groups, making them rich in colors.

How could one paint in a monochromatic world?

Here are the images of the realization of the murals:

come okapi_mani tese_2018_4

come okapi_mani tese_2018_6

come okapi_mani tese_2018_1

come okapi_mani tese_2018_2

come okapi_mani tese_2018_3

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