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Rights for us means committing to remove the causes of social inequality, which impede full development of the person and respect for universal human rights. 

We stand alongside especially women, children, migrants and all the victims of modern slaveries like human trafficking, hazardous child labour, and workers’ exploitation in production chains. 

A great number of people are victims of modern slavery nowadays. The victims of child labour, human trafficking and workers exploitation are more than 40 million, and their labour generates profits of about 140 billion euros. 

Their condition represents the inevitable consequence of an unfair economic system, which exploitnatural resources to maximize profits and minimise production costs. 

In 2016 we launched an awareness campaign called I EXIST – Say no to modern slaveryin order to prevent and combat modern slavery’s causes. In this regard, we promoted several awareness initiatives and launched four projects in India, Bangladesh, Cambodia and Nicaragua to support victims of child labour, human trafficking and exploitation in the production chains. 

In 2017, we started the program MADE IN JUSTICE”, which aims – especially through the projects “New business 4 Good” and “Cambia MODA!” –  to educate, inform and cooperate with public opinion about limits of “business as usual”, and promotes the virtues of new ethical and inclusive business’ models, by involving all society actors (profit and non-profit) in a path of dialogue and cooperation to apply the concept of sustainability into daily practices. 

Regarding our development cooperation activities, we have projects in Africa, Asiaand South America, oriented to improve the conditions of people and their communities, in order to reduce the chances of being exploited and abused. In Guinea Bissau, we are especially active in the prevention of major violations of migrants’ rights (trafficking and rejection of mass) by informing about risks of illegal immigration and promoting career opportunities that can be a valid alternative to emigration.

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