Global Citizenship Education exercises for students of all ages

What do you know about economics? What is an advertisement really about? How much water is there in your shirt? Do slaves still exist? 

These are just a few “typical” questions we ask the groups of children and young people we meet in our Global Citizenship Education workshops. Questions aimed at provoking a new reflection on daily issues, to focus attention on global problems without “falling” into fear and ignorance. 

To respond to this challenge, we developed the new educational offer for the school year 2019-2020 which we have called “IN BALANCE ON THE DONUT: Global Citizenship Education exercises for students of all ages“. 

The “Donut” that gives the title to the new proposal is the one elaborated by the economist Kate Raworth: a metaphor that allows us to move away from traditional representations of development, rather undertaking a collective exercise of prosperity in balance between an environmental roof, that is, the ecological limits of the planet, and a social floor, universal basic rights. 

The new training offer is then divided into eight “exercises“, reworked starting from the Donut and following in the wake of the Sustainable Development Goals, to train our balance in a group. They are all paths that can be agreed from time to time with the teacher or the group contact person, structured for students of all ages, with particular attention to the age group from 6 to 18 years. Each “exercise” addresses a different theme: from climate change to economic citizenship, from modern slavery to migration, through water, food, the unequal exploitation of natural resources and energy in Africa. 

There are also “tailor-made” proposals: courses for teachers and animators, projects of Paths for Transversal Skills and Orientation (ex school-work alternation) and, for the first time, meetings in preparation for the final exam for the oral session dedicated to “Citizenship and Constitution”.

Who are they for? 

Mani Tese’s Global Citizenship Education courses are aimed at schools (teachers, students) and groups (aggregation centers, oratories, scouts, etc.). 

Where they take place 

All laboratories can be held in Mani Tese’s office (P. Le Gambara 7/9 Milan) or in the classroom at the reference Institute. 

To learn more, call us on 02 4075165 asking for the Education Office or send us an e-mail by filling out the form below.



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