There are many ways to check if the activities of a project are giving the desired results: continuous monitoring, questionnaires, formal indicators, focus groups, interviews and so on. But what personally helps me the most to understand if we are working well is the spontaneous response of the beneficiaries. And I believe that, in the case of the project “Social and rights promotion of women and children for the improvement of health and civil status services” co-financed by the EU, of which ACRA is the leading partner and is carried out in partnership with FENAFERB, ASMADE and Community of Sant’Egidio, we couldn’t be more satisfied.

In fact, in recent months we have carried out trainings on the human rights-based approach with the Civil Society Organizations selected by the project in the 3 regions involved (Centre, Centre-Sud and Plateau Central). Obviously, since these are more than 80 realities with at least 20 members each, not all of them were able to participate, but representatives were identified who later, thanks to the support of our field animators, organized moments of restitution in their respective organizations.

Much could already be said about this, because these returns were organized entirely by them, with their own funds, involving the local authorities for the concession of the rooms and for their own participation, a sign of the great interest that the training has aroused, but in the case of the village of Toagha (Kombissiri – Centre-Sud) these organizations have really surpassed themselves.

The local association for orphans, in fact, wanted to organize a public restitution, on the occasion of the weekly market, involving a company of actors who staged the main concepts of the training with the forum theater technique, an interactive theatrical mode, with which scenes of common life are presented, then asking the audience to put themselves in the shoes of the protagonists and evaluate their choices.

It is a very widespread and interesting technique that stimulates reflections that the public takes home and about which they continue to talk for days. They even told us that precisely in Toagha, at school or at home, when a child does not behave well, he is given the nickname of the negative character in the story, to make him understand that if he continues like this he risks a bad end!

The forum theater performance went very well, as you can see from the photos below, and attracted a large audience of people who were present at the market as well as many children.

Ultimately, therefore, we can only be truly satisfied with how our beneficiaries are responding to the project activities and how active and involved they are. It is the sign that we are heading in the right direction (inch’allah!).

Here are the photos of the forum theater in the village of Toagha (Kombissiri) in the Centre-Sud region.

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