We are present on the Italian territory with associations, cooperatives and local groups
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The great family of Mani Tese is composed by many realities, all united in a common commitment for justice.

On 25 November 2017, the eleven juridical entities born from Mani Tese concluded a path of discussion and reflection giving life to the Federation Mani Tese.

The Federation was born from the need to enhance this articulated system of associations, NGOs and cooperatives, improving their operational coordination and broadening the vision and design of Mani Tese as a whole.

Objectives: to develop the capacity to work together and to synthesize international cooperation action and projects in favour of inclusion and sustainability in Italy; to amplify the campaigns and initiatives implemented by the partners and promote policies of equity and sustainability on the Italian territory; to implement actions aimed at contrasting social unrest by promoting inclusion, citizenship and volunteering.

We want to give voice to the action of Mani Tese in Italy, dare to trigger changes in our society and open new horizons for our commitment for justice!

federazione Mani Tese 2020

President of Federation Mani Tese


My name is Valerio Bini, and I started working with Mani Tese in 1999, at the documentation center, because I was looking for an organization in which to carry on a battle against global imbalances and work concretely in support of the communities most affected by injustice. In the following years I collaborated on several […]