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For us, justice means to tend towards equality. It is the research for an effective respect of human rights for all, in every part of the world and in respect for local communities and their own autonomous choices to define their own development model, in harmony with each other and the natural environment.

Justice is the possibility of each community to freely self-determine their own wellness, in a peaceful and non-violent discussion with the other.

Our commitment to justice has always been structured on all fronts: the economicsocial and environmental one. 

It is not only limited to the denunciation or enunciation of rights, but it is a concrete practice, which wants to help populations, who are suffering the consequences of an unequal political and economic system, to succeed on their own, through sharing and solidarity.



  • Justice and equity
    The action of Mani Tese is above all a commitment to justice. We are convinced that poverty and inequalities are the result of precise historical causes and of the maintenance of the current economic model. 
  • Sobriety and sustainable lifestyles
    Values and practicing sobriety are important signs of sharing for those excluded. Moreover, it is a necessary social choice for a sustainable economic, political and environmental development. 
  • Solidarity and social equality
    The eradication of inequalities and poverty is a necessary condition for social development and it must be pursued through lively exchange relationships with associations, communities and grassroots movements in the North and South of the world. 
  • Nonviolence
    Mani Tese believes in the strength of nonviolence as a new path towards economic and social development and as an efficient method of action to achieve real and shared changes. 
  • Cooperation and sustainability
    These are the two key words in Mani Tese’s action strategy, closely linked together as part of the same process, which interconnects projects in the South of the world with a commitment in the North to lead a profound change in society.



For Mani Tese, the observance of ethical values,such as honesty, loyalty, correctness, accountability and compliance with laws, is extremely important. 

Regarding its specific mission, Mani Tese joins the values  defined in the Ethical Charter of the Association of Italian NGOs - AOI, and promotes: 

  • Social justice, equity and respect for human rights 
  • The participation of the populations for which it works 
  • The involvement of civil society in development cooperation 
  • Environmental protection and food sovereignty 

The pursuit of these values  takes place through: 

  • Workplace professionalism 
  • Increase in the capacity of basic structures  
  • The strengthening of especially disadvantaged social groups 
  • Working to eliminate gender disparities
  • Using appropriate fundraising methods, according to the aims of the association and current legislation
  • Carrying out actions whose effect lasts over time
  • The commitment to global citizenship education activities
  • Using our abilities to foster collaboration between different sectors of society 

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Hi! I am Sara de Simone and I am Mani Tese’s President since 25 November 2018.    From 2015 until 2018, I was Mani Tese’s Vice-president. My history within Mani Tese began in 2004, when I was in high school and I was involved in a Development Education course on the exploitation of child work and children rights. After having attended this course, I decided to become a Mani Tese’s volunteer in Naples. Throughout the years, I worked […]