The beauty of projects in the villages is that there is always a good reason to celebrate.

This time, however, we had a lot to celebrate in Djibata. The first reason among all is the closure of the works on the well and the delivery of buckets and pulleys awaiting more innovative irrigation systems, which we will develop starting from the first weeks of May. Another reason was the first sales of vegetables by women in the markets of Gabù (in particular, canja, djakatu, bajiki and aubergines, the main vegetables consumed locally, about which we will write in the next posts and there will be rather curious details!).

The local young people, supported by the five athletes of the group of masons hired for the well, decided to challenge the local team of Mani Tese for a 60-minute match on an unlikely field (11 vs 11).

A woman decided the fate of the match: Aua, our animator, with a powerful header in the 60th minute. She then launched into a race in the stands to take the well-deserved hugs of the people who, in an evident state of euphoria, invaded the field to compliment Mani Tese… In short, a strong local team, determined and now also athletic!

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