Within the scope of the project “Innovative social enterprises and migrants participation for social inclusion in Burkina Faso”, co-financed by Italian Agency for Development Cooperation , a project where Mani Tese is leader, the 4th regional forum between African cities that are signatories of the Milan Urban Food Policy Pact (MUFPP) ends today, promoted by the municipality of Milan in conjunction with EXPO 2015, which commits the signatory cities to develop environmentally respectful food policies that enhance the consumption of local and healthy food.

Across the years the ACRA Foundation, partner of the project, has facilitated the development of the web of cities that participate to the MUFPP, with the collaboration of Milan municipality, and has organized the forum with the collaboration of Ouagadougou municipality and Mani Tese.

Mani Tese, within the scope of the project in Burkina Faso and another one in Mozambique co-financed by AICS called “Rural Quelimane: produces, grows and consumes sustainable”, supports the practical realization of some principles about food policies. To do so, in Ouagadougou Mani Tese is stimulating the promotion of agroecology in urban agriculture activities performed mainly by women, in Quelimane is working together with the municipality in order to improve the conditions of the food markets and is promoting the consumption of local and healthy products. During the forum Quelimane mayor Manuel de Araujo has explained the measures taken by the city to face the Covid-19 epidemic, in particular in city markets. 

Mani Tese’s Burkina Faso Representative Giulia Polato was also participating. She tells us that participation is good despite the current pandemic: besides Ouagadougou and Quelimane, the cities of Accra, Pointe Noire, Dakar, Bamako Niamey, N’Djamena, Bobo Dioulasso, Loumbila are represented physically and Milan, Turin, Douala, Nairobi, La Praya, Antananarivo and Lusaka online. Also, Representatives of AICS, the Italian ambassador and urbanization and agriculture Burkina Faso ministers intervened. 

The Ouagadougou municipality presented the measures it developed within the scope of the Milan Pact, thanks to the collaboration with Mani Tese and ACRA in the project Social enterprises: delegates of other cities had the chance to visit some of the realizations such as a vegetable garden situated in the green belt of the capital city where Mani Tese realized a well with solar pump and its irrigation system.

One of the main key principles coming from the forum that, as Giulia tells us, has been repeated a lot of times with reference to the food crisis connected to Covid, is “food represents the bond between health, nutrition, preservation of the ecosystem, construction of resilience and welfare and so it has to be the start point for all the strategic policies, present and future ones”. 

Here are some photos of the working sessions of the forum:

Quelimane mayor Manuel de Araujo
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